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My Death Wish

Everybody has wishes.. When you ask someone what their death wish is, they'll look at you like "What kind of weirdo are you?" But if you ask them what their birthday wish is, They would say "I need to do this thing or buy that thing, get this trendy product or that useful gadget"  This society is such that it has made talking about death itself as a taboo. Everybody gets birthday wishes once every year but death wish, only once Talking about death is a bad thing If you say talking about death is scary, then it shows you are scared to face death. - Gandhi (No way he said something like that lmaoo) Just like birthday, death day also comes but it only comes once, so be prepared for it. It's not like you spend a day's time thinking how your death will be but instead here is how I would plan it and hopefully someone fulfils it for you. Here is how I would do it. My death wish Sample death wish example     In life we spent a lot of time consuming content and i
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People, Vibrations and shit

People, Vibrations and Shit Listen before you read this, I might sound incoherent all over the place so please read till the end to find out what I'm trying to say. Here we go..  There are more than 1 trillion species in this vast world and you just like everybody else belong to this ecosystem. But the difference between you and other species is that you are a HUMAN (unless if you're a chimpanzee reading this) . Even though you're a human living in the most advanced society, top of food chain and have all the facilities other species could never fathom, we're still dissatisfied, bored, lonely and sad deep down. Everyday we go step by step away from god and the ultimate reality and distract ourselves with materialistic things aka Maya in hindu literature. Distractions are so good that we can't differentiate distractions from the reality.  Like you'll be spending your 45 mins on YouTube enjoying your time but to an outside person, you just look like so

I can't even help these days

Ok this happened on 11 Jan 2024, Somebody asked me for mobile suggestions and I helped and bro was snapping at me harder than a crocodile because I didn't understood what she said. Hey, I get it. I have short attention span but you could've explained it patiently tho right?  She seemed like that entitled karen who calls the manager, she was like "Oh excuse me, can I find someone else who can give me better advice?" This is how I felt like: Felt really bad about why I even helped. So moral of the story. Help someone if they specifically asked you for help or they are in life or death crisis.  Trust me bro, even if they didn't got help and something bad happened, it's a canon event. Move on: So I got mad now and that's how I created this blog. You'll see more of my thoughts here about life and everything. I swear sometimes too. Stay blessed 🙏 and tell your parents that you love them. Peace ✌️